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Available Titles:
Sigourney's Quest
The Separatist
The Hypnotist
The Origamist
I'm Travelling As Fast As I Can
Venice Lost
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Gordon Snider missed becoming a native Californian by 5 months, which may explain his wanderlust. He has traveled extensively throughout the world, including such exotic destinations as Uzbekistan, Patagonia, Amazon, Borneo, Burma and the Himalayan countries of Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal.

Gordon has published numerous magazine articles, many on travel destinations, and two business books. His second business book, How to Become a Killer, was published in 1999 and was the basis for a popular seminar that he presented at trade shows and conventions throughout the U.S. and Canada. The magazine articles often included his photography. One thing led to another, and he eventually found himself photographing for tour operators.

One of his assignments took him to Tibet. The country so mesmerized him that he wrote his first novel about it, entitled Sigourney’s Quest. Since then, he has published three more novels, The Separatist, The Hypnotist, and Venice Lost. His current book, I’m Traveling As Fast As I Can, is a mixture of humorous stories and descriptive vignettes of special places and experiences while traveling around the world. He hopes you enjoy it. Bon Voyage.
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