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  • to_fly_again
  • the-rosicrucian
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"I wanted to be anything but Abner!" This is the lament of Abner the Clown as he tells young readers in rhyme how his clown friends helped him to be proud of who he is.

Abner the Clown, a newly released picture book written by Jeffrey Breslauer, is the first in an ongoing series. This book not only helps children who are struggling with their self-esteem, but it has been brought to the author's attention by a children's therapist that this whimsical tale of Abner the Clown would also be a great aid to youngsters in her grief counseling group.

The book also includes a studio quality read-along CD of Jeffrey performing the voices of Abner and the Ringmaster; allowing the child and the parent to follow along with the story.† This format is similar to Scholastic's Clifford and Franklin the Turtle series, and the Random House Beginner Books by Dr. Seuss and The Berenstein Bears series.

As a professional actor and voice-over artist, Jeffrey is experienced in reading to children and has performed extensively in children's theatre in New York, Florida and many cities in between.

Written by: Jeffrey Breslauer
Category: Childrens
Language: English
Page Count: 36 pages
Format: Hardcover
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