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Must reading for mental health care professionals, for persons diagnosed with bipolar disorder and their loved ones, and for individuals experiencing grief and loss. Author Rachelle Hasnas’ To Fly Again- Portrait of a BIPOLAR Life is a deeply compelling, poignant, eye opening and raw portrayal of pain and loss and of possibility and renewal. It chronicles the tumultuous journey shared by author and son in their joint struggle with his mental illness.

The inclusion of Joshua’s poetry provides deeper insight for the reader into the profound anguish he experienced with this oftentimes crippling disease. Both the author’s voice of a mother and her voice of a licensed clinical social worker are interwoven in the telling of this memoir. Joshua’s Life story begins during the formative years and takes the reader up through young adulthood showing the disastrous effects of this mental condition when not correctly diagnosed and, as a result, not correctly treated. However the author wrote her son’s story to demonstrate both the serious repercussions of bipolar disorder…and to offer hope that bipolar disorder can be treated with success.

Thus this book features a final section that provides vital educational material on this disease—to offer hope, help, and healing for others diagnosed with bipolar disorder. A certain spiritual element also weaves its way through this story. The author is convinced that her son’s spirit informed her of his existence beyond the life of the body through orchestrating several profound experiences attesting to this. The author chose to reveal this personal information to comfort others also coping with grief and loss—by being open to the continuation of life after death.

Written by: Rachel Hasnas
Category: Non-Fiction
Language: English
Page Count: 252 pages
Format: Paperback
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